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Choosing to start psychotherapy can be challenging in itself.  Apprehension about doing something new, sharing personal experience and attending to life's challenges is understandable. 


When you come to see Adam, you can expect that you will met with a non-judgmental and supportive space that assists you to safely explore challenges.  In the first appointment, you will be asked about the experiences that have brought you to therapy and what you wish to gain from therapy.  Adam will work with you to bring understanding of your salient psychological patterns that influence how you relate to yourself and to others and cope with key life roles.  This may involve exploration of early life experiences and relationships, in addition to detail about the current experience.  A treatment plan is formulated that both assists your insight into your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and relationships and involves skills to change aspects of your experience to meet your goals. 

There is no need to have any specific demands on yourself entering the initial appointment.  Adam will prompt and guide you as needed and work to create an environment where you feel safe to communicate and explore your experience.  You will be best served by bringing openness and willingness.       

Consultations are 50-55 minutes.  Ongoing consultations can be arranged on a weekly, fortnightly or needs basis. Appointments can be made at the Wollongong or Sutherland sites and telehealth sessions are also available. Depending on the complexity of the presenting problems and client goals, therapy can range from a few sessions to long-term therapy (several months). 

Medicare rebates are available with a current Mental Health Care Plan from a GP or Psychiatrist.  Rebates from your private health fund can also be an option provided you have appropriate cover.

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